1. Membership fee is non-refundable.
2. The CLUB retains the right to cancel or suspend the membership of any person for any reason. If such cancellation or suspension is made due to violation of the CLUB policies, violation of terms of this contract, or due to damage rendered by the MEMBER or their guests, in addition to the financial obligations under this Agreement you shall also be liable for a payment of Rs. 2500/- (Rupees Two Thousand and Five Hundred only) as cancellation fees. In case you are responsible for any damage to the Club, its facility or its equipment, you will be responsible for the repair or replacement or payment of damages as estimated by the Club.
3. If the CLUB goes out of business or moves its facilities more than 7 km from its present location. MEMBER may cancel his/her membership by written notice. Any cancellation under this subsection will receive a pro-rata refund of any prepayments. Any payments due prior to cancellation taking effect will still be due and payable. Your account must be current before any cancellation will take effect. To cancel for any of the above reasons, the MEMBER must send or deliver a written notice to the CLUB or to the Designated Billing Company.
4. Cancellation prior to the expiry of the Minimum Term Expiry Date : Cancellation prior to the expiry of the Minimum Term Expiry Date: You may cancel and/or terminate your membership due to medical or relocation reasons prior to the expiry of the Minimum Term Expiry Date subject to loss of advance paid for 11th and 12th month.
5. Cancellation after the Minimum Term Expiry Date: You can cancel your membership after the Minimum Term by giving us a written notice at least 15 (fifteen) days before the recurring date e.g. If you provide notice on the 13 th of January and your recurring date is 1st of February then you can use January and you won’t be charged from February. In case you request for cancellation on the 25th of January, you will still be charged on 1st of February.

1.Membership is non-transferable.
2. In certain circumstances and as per our discretion, the CLUB may allow your Membership to be transferred to a non-member in case your account is up to date, and the person you transfer to: is eligible to become a MEMBER; is able to take up your Membership (for example, if you have a corporate Membership); signs a new Agreement to become a MEMBER for at least the balance of the Fixed Term; agrees that that the provisions of Clause E (Reciprocity) will also apply to them; and pays membership fees for at least the balance of the Fixed Term or enters into a Direct Debit Payment Agreement if the fees is to be paid periodically by direct debit; and pays applicable other fees such as a keyfob fee and a joining fee. If you wish to transfer your membership, you should inform us of the request to transfer atleast 7 (seven) days in advance to the recurring date. A transfer fee of Rs. 2000 (Rupees Two Thousand) + taxes shall be payable and must be paid at the time of application once authorised.
3. The transferee will not be charged for any sums already paid by the earlier MEMBER as the original MEMBER.
4. If our transfer policy given herein is changed, we will use our reasonable efforts to give MEMBERS prior notice of the change.
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